Nothing to do with fishing…

September 7, 2010

Funny things blogs, you enter some of your private thoughts and then try to make them public. However I have ummed and arred whether to post today as this has nothing to do with fishing,  but it was while trying to pursue extra readers I entered a small competition hosted by and won! I suppose we all deep down want people to find our interests and thoughts stimulating because receiving such recognition has really made my day!

My advice to anyone who wants to try this is do it, because if I can then anyone can.

One Response to “Nothing to do with fishing…”

  1. RichardB said

    Just read the comments on your winning blog, on kiwidutch. It’s really nice how they have been able to appreciate the fascinatiion that keeps the likes of us doing what we do, from your writing. Not always easy to get across to no-fishing types.
    Well done !

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