… much better than gardening

September 9, 2010

The droplets sparkled like a firework on the 5th of November as the mackerel head splashed into the smooth bulging sea. The sun today was very hot, much hotter than I expected as I walked up and down the shoreline trying to find a spot that wouldn’t  cover up the bait within seconds. This weed is becoming an absolute nightmare.

After holding the rod through the supposed ‘hot-time’ I leant it up against my tripod and set about getting the second rod ready. As the conditions were so still I decided to freeline a whole side of a large mackerel on a size 4/0. For the last few years there have been a few marks that I could almost guarantee a bite or two even down to the time. So much so that I started to call it ‘my window of opportunity.’ I got quite blase about going  fishing for half an hour or so and with luck catching a bass or two.

But not this year. The famous carp angler Richard Walker once said ‘there are no such words as always and never in fishing’ (or something very similar) and how right he was. In the distance a small dingy was making its way to the shoreline creating waves far bigger than it should in these calm conditions. The boat arrived with the skill of an old hand; how easy he made it all look. It wasn’t long before I discovered that he had a successful morning catching various species including some good-sized early whiting.

A small flight of swallows and house martins made good use of the calm conditions and gave me an aerial display that despite my best intentions was unable to catch on film. Leaving for home an old man with a floppy hat and a sun-beaten face appeared riding his bike, his rod (of excellent quality) tied with what looked like red ribbon, was carefully placed in the centre of the handle bars. I assumed the rest of his gear was neatly stored in his brown leather saddle bag. After a quick anglers chat bemoaning our combined lack of success this year he bid me a cheery farewell, and as he rode off into the distance I could hear him shout  ‘still this is much better than gardening’

Old Man And Bicycle Stock Image

3 Responses to “… much better than gardening”

  1. baitdigger said

    Having an immense amount of time on my hands I have discovered this year that the more I learn about fish, fishing, tide and weather the less I know. Things that I have taken for granted are no longer given and sacred marks will no longer produce.
    I often wonder if I should write about personal experience or just about the fishing. Winter will soon be upon the West Coast and the fish will leave the shores with only Bass and flounder remaining to give me something to focus on.
    Nice Blog well done

  2. Rob said

    I do enjoy the way that you write your entries, it makes for very pleasant reading indeed.. thoroughly enjoyable in fact. Now that I’ve read a good many of your entries perhaps my advice the other day wasn’t so good, I wouldn’t change a thing.. it’s a great blog.

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