A special moment

September 29, 2010

... moments are more difficult

The above picture was taken during the summer at the end of a long hot day. Later on as the sun dropped further from the blue sky my daughter decided to take the camera from the bag and take some shots herself. It was quite a discovery to find them on my memory card when we got home as she had manged to take them without my knowledge, out of interest, I am now using one of her pictures on my home page.

I am in the process of re-discovering some books written by Chris Yates, and what a fantastic read they are. For those who have not stumbled across the author he is an amazingly descriptive writer of fishing adventures. Interestingly he started out a freshwater angler before moving on to his current addiction of Bass fishing. He has an almost magical style of writing which can transport you to his own unique magical world. To paraphrase one of his lines ‘making money is easy, but moments are much more difficult’

Now I have never found making money easy and at my time in my life I don’t think I ever will, but I must admit I love being part of special moments.

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