The rhythm of life

October 7, 2010

By the end of the summer you have worked yourself into a well-worn routine. There is bait in the freezer from the frantic shoals of high summer mackerel and the rods are ready in the same place that you have left them in the shed. Your tackle bag or rucksack is also handily placed,  but more importantly ready with all the stuff you need for a quick session.

You check the tide times, refer to the weather forecast one more time and then leave. Earlier in the year especially at the beginning I am searching everywhere for all the equipment I need – and I travel light! How it all manages to disperse itself around the shed is beyond me. It’s probably those late autumn roach trips that make me borrow from every tackle bag that is the problem.

I arrive at the venue and park on my usual corner. The rods and the bag are thrown over the shoulder with the well practised ease and knowledge that however far I walk they are in the most comfortable position possible. I soon arrive at my mark and set-up a simple running ledger. Everything is where it should be and falls easily to hand. Today even the knots seem to have fallen into the easy routine for everyone tightened and bedded down with ease with no need to cut and re-tie.

The head of a small mackerel is cast into the gathering tide and the rod, held in my hand gently nods in time with the rhythm of life

The gentle rhythm


 … for those who made it this far; you’ve guessed it,  another blank session

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