…forever the optimist

December 31, 2010

Another year torn from the calendar of life. I once read somewhere that as our metabolism slows it feels that life and events will seem to move faster – how very true. Looking back on what was my worst ever year in sea fishing (a great time to start a fishing blog!) I still find I have many fond memories.

It’s a good job I don’t go fishing simply to catch but I also go to enjoy what nature has to offer. I have seen some amazing sunset’s and sunrise’s this year and a storm that simply took my breath away, even now I am so grateful that the camera was able to capture some of its aura. I wrote a few years back that sometimes its great  just to get away from it all and suggested that maybe it was an age thing, but it would have been nice  to have caught one bass!

courtesy of google

its just an age thing

My two children have also grown another year older and to my regret look unlikely to follow in the fishing footsteps. When they were both still young my dear wife told me many times not to take them,  just wait until they ask to go – but how could anyone not enjoy fishing?

I should have listened.

My plans for next year? Not sure at the moment, I may have a good go for the mullet, but that will depend on how the bass fishing starts. I definitely need to try out a few new spots and revisit some of my older haunts. I stuck too rigidly to my usual venues and paid the price for thinking that they would come good. I may even try to better my 2 lb roach from a local carp lake that I just know must hold even larger. And I keep meaning to have a proper season on the Avon…

That typifies the beauty of angling, I can’t think of another sport that has so many variables to keep an angler forever the optimist, you just never know what may take the worm on the end.

For those who have read some of my ramblings this season, thankyou.  May I wish you and your families a  Happy New Year.


6 Responses to “…forever the optimist”

  1. blisterina said

    I can’t think of another sport that has so many variables to keep an angler forever the optimist

    Very well said. Even those days when nothing bites lift the spirits.

    I always enjoy stopping by here. Hope you reel in many keepers this year!

  2. RichardB said

    A happy and healthy new year to you and yours.
    A difficult season behind us and the glum fish-less few months ahead.
    But even now, I can feel the faintest stirings – as I look forward to late spring / early summer – of Bass Hysteria !

    • Thank you and to you and yours. How right you are about the stirrings! Took a walk along Hillhead on Sunday and discovered a newly formed gravelly type bar running parallel to the beach, now if I could only…

  3. Gary Stevens said

    I agree wholeheartedly with your sentiments on angling. Get out and enjoy nature at it’s finest. Best of luck for the new year mate.
    A couple of suggestions to grab you that 3lb Roach. Try the upper sections of the Dorset Stour, even the council run free stretches at Northbourne and Longham, and also try the Frome around Wareham. I had two Roach (3lb and 3lb 2oz) from Longham on free-lined bread in one session there so they are present. The Frome produces some great quality Roach and I notice that it has recently been mentioned in one of the Angling Mags for that reason.
    And I assume that you may be hitting the Smuts hard at Hillhead later on in the season.

    • Hi, thanks for the recommendation’s. I may well investigate if the bass fishing is as bad as it was last year.
      Best of luck for the new year (both in fishing and in health)

      Tight lines

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