More of the same

April 12, 2011

Had a look at low tide to see what was the cause of all the snag’s but apart from a few boulders, there wasn’t a lot else except for maybe a run of bladder weed that appears permanently covered unless it is a very low tide.  Snags are funny though you can go for years without being affected then suddenly they seem to pop out of nowhere.

Less of that blustery wind today and when the sun dropped it was decidedly chilly however it was another pleasant hour out. The hidden snag still caused concern although no tackle loss this time. One extra fish than yesterday, a delightfully kelp coloured wrasse that later in the year would make an excellent live bait.

The other was most likely the same scorpion from yesterday, it’s fin and spines all erect and bristly helping to give the impression that he was all indignant about being caught again.

Despite the glorious weather it is still a little early for bass. But soon, very soon, they will be here.

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