Two venue’s, one bite and no fish

April 16, 2011

Had a trip out early this morning. Arrived at the first mark 4 hours before high tide, it was an absolute belter of a morning. At 6.30am (around the magic time) I had a slight rattle on the crab and rag cocktail. Immediately I looked at the line as it entered the water and saw a small bass (I guess)  flip the water. I waited for a follow-up but nothing developed,  I can only assume the rag was bigger than the fish and it about turned and ran!

Second venue has a habit of providing the odd bite two hours before high. Interesting the water was crystal clear in comparison with the earlier mark only 2 miles up the road. It was also a pleasure to fish it without being hampered by the weed that later in the year will be a nightmare. Again all very pleasant but not a bite.

Still a little early for a bass but great fun nonetheless.

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