Tension and Purpose in the Air

August 4, 2011

‘You are really enjoying this aren’t you?’ I could tell by his tone that it wasn’t meant as encouragement. I was fishing  one of my favourite marks, the conditions were amazing, but I just couldn’t buy a bite. It was my son Thomas who made the comment,  he had come along with me more in duress than wanting to, and he wasn’t exactly having a great time.

‘How can you stand there for so long with nothing happening?’ If I am only fishing for an hour or so I like to hold the rod so there is less chance of me missing a bite, but for two hours despite using mackerel, crab, squid and even squid stuffed with peeler, not a bite. As we were packing up, leaving just one rod out, I jokingly said, ‘imagine the rod going now,’ and almost as if on command, the rod trembled in the rest.

As I rushed up to the rod Thomas started to tell me to stop messing around, but before he could finish, the rod trembled again. Thomas was by my side in an instant, and suddenly there was a real sense of tension and purpose in the air as we both stood still willing for the bite to develop.

A short while later we had packed up, and with disappointment we both made our way back home along the beach, the bite had come to nothing but at least it was sign that we had come close.


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