Thanks Dad

October 28, 2011

I don’t think of my Dad as much as I should do… not because he was a bad Dad (far from it) but I suppose it was just the type of relationship Father’s and Son’s had then. However there are occasions that I wish I could share my joy and the last few weeks have been some of them.

Up until a while ago I was about to write this year off with only a couple of late schoolies under my belt, but then I had a flourish! 8lbish, 3lb 4oz, 7lb 10oz and 4lb exactly. Who would have believed it, after all those years and all those hours I end up smashing my personal best I’d caught with my Dad over 30 years ago…

The 7lb was such an empty fish when compared to the 8lb’er it does makes me wonder what it could have weighed… and I will never know, as I could never have killed such an amazing specimen that almost had a look of a schoolie due to its fatness. I appreciate all things are relative, but when I used the rod to propel the 7lb up the shore for unhooking, I had no problems what so ever.

A very empty 7lb 10oz bass

Same bass, taken directly above

So what has brought about this change in luck? Good advice, slight change in tactics and fishing when the bass were there.

My old Man would have been as proud as punch after teaching me all those years ago. So I’m dedicating this piece to him.

Thanks Dad

One Response to “Thanks Dad”

  1. RichardB said

    Absolutely brilliant ! Fully deserved – I know how much these fish mean to you.

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