Mullet Madness

May 26, 2012

Arrived with about an hour to spare. Set up quietly enjoying the lovely morning and the solitude of  just being alone with nature. Just before I was about to cast a Mullet of about 2 1/2 lb came wandering into view, after yesterdays study I knew that a carefully placed bait should cause no alarm (I threw a selection of small stones next to them to see their reaction). Sure enough it landed without alarm and the bread flake was waving enticingly in front it. Within 5 mins another larger Mullet joined the first – I could hardly believe my luck.

Both of them were searching out the area directly in front of me, and in my eyes looking for an easy meal, how wrong could I be. Frustratingly they swam past my bait, and in the crystal clear water, completely ignoring it. At one point they both circled the flake for about 3 to 4 minutes but then drifted from view. I tried every trick I knew to buy a take – I tried smaller baits then larger, I tried a small BB to nail the bait to the sea bed and then slid it along the line so it wavered in the current at different heights. As you can see I don’t have many tricks.

At some point I must have over-done the swim interfering as they silently ghosted from view never to return. However I waited and then waited a bit more. It had been a frustrating morning but as I left it got worse, from the corner of my eye I noticed a fast-moving shoal of between 4 and 6 Mullet that had to be all over – I will stop myself here for fear of appearing very foolish. Safe to say they were the largest Mullet, collectively, I have seen in my Angling life time.

I shall return, not as quick as I would like as my short holiday has ended, but while they are still there they are going to haunt me for a very long time.

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