Old habits die hard

June 27, 2012

Finished helping next door with the garden, grabbed a packet of hermit crabs from the freezer and sped off to catch the late afternoon tide. This is my second trip this year where I have tried for the elusive smooth hounds and I was looking forward to the chance of trying again. I was set up with a light beachcaster and a multiplier, which is proving more difficult to master than I at first imagined.

For me the point of a multi is that you are supposed to be able to cast greater distances than a fixed spool, but at the moment  I can cast twice its distance without the threat of bird’s-nest’s. So I am still very much in the trial stage but I can see it soon being relegated to the shed for ever more. But I digress – soon the crab was out fishing the rising tide and I sat back to soak up the atmosphere. The wind was dropping by the minute as I happened to glance at my watch and notice that it was exactly two hours before high tide. Now this spot used to be a reliable bass run during this time so as old habits die-hard I brought the rod in very close to try for my first one this year.

However not a touch, then the wind turned 180 degree’s and at the same time picked up strength as well as the tide picking up weed. In fact a succession of casts were covered in minutes so it was time to head for home. Before I left I did have one small run but when I picked up the rod to set the hook I stepped back, tripped and from a sitting position reeled in a huge clump of weed. I looked round and was pleased no one was there to witness my ineptitude.

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