Flu inspired Ramblings

July 11, 2012

As I sit here between increasingly decreasing effects of man-flu, I ponder two recent purchases from Amazon which have helped me get through my bouts of insomnia. Both are books on fishing, with the most expensive  just 52p – (however the postage was £2.50).  The ‘Incomplete Angler,’ was the first to arrive, not sure if I have the title correct but as it is still upstairs on my bed I will check later, and the other is called the 12 Most Memorable Carp Catches.

Now maybe it’s because I am getting older but the Carp book promised so much but produced so little. The opening intro from the editor includes bold statements such as, ‘with hand on heart I can truthfully say I am so proud to be part of this book’ or, ‘this is not about the biggest or the best catch’. Now I am a real sucker for those atmospheric pieces that just make you want to pick up a rod and get down to a mist laden lake on a glorious summers morning, so it was so disappointing to read sentences like, ‘that week we caught over a half of ton of carp between us’, interspersed with adverts within the articles for bait company’s, and sponsorship logo’s on every item of clothing. I have failed to read any one piece all the way through and the book is now consigned to the, ‘I will read one day because I bought it pile’.

The Incomplete Angler is altogether more interesting, following on from a book he has written about a year on an allotment, he has decided to return to fishing after a 20 year-ish gap. I am just over half way through and can throughly recommend it already.  However, the further I read into it I can’t help feeling that his love for an idea to write about, was more powerful than his want to return to his boyhood fishing roots. Which is a real shame because at times the writing has a touch of genius about it due to its originality.

These two extremes show how fishing has slowly and inexorably changed over the years, both have been produced for commercial reasons and both have their own individual audience, but it does make me wonder where it is all heading. Maybe it will revert back to its roots through sites such as those listed on my Blog-Roll, a bit like a modern-day cottage industry. An industry for the love of fishing.

As I type away the rain has just started to fall softly again, the weather man has just told us with a cheerful smile that we should expect this weather to continue for at least another two weeks. Just two weeks – thank goodness, I thought he was going to say all summer!

2 Responses to “Flu inspired Ramblings”

  1. That carp book does sound disappointing; I imagine they probably had some great stories, if they knew how to tell them.

    When are you going to produce a book? You’re an excellent fishing writer. 😀

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