A lazy hazy morning

July 24, 2012

Eventually, after pressing the snooze button too many times, I got up and made my way to fish the tide down with the plugs. I arrived to find it as calm as a mill-pond and as hot as I can recall for a morning this year. Swirls were evident in the calm conditions, along with the furrowed brows caused by fish moving just under the surface. From a high position I could see the occasional flash of a flank which would give-away the games being played by scores of young mullet.

Sadly no bass to be seen. As I was leaving to look at other options I had an interesting conversation with a fellow fisherman who was getting ready for the mullet. It always strikes me that you have two types of angler, the quiet secretive one or the one without prompt, is willingly to share all the information they have acquired over the years. After bidding the customary good-luck I left feeling slightly humbled to resume my search.

Several spots later I end up at a spot known locally as the Wall, again the calm conditions betrayed a complete lack of fish. I was in two minds whether to leave for home or have a few exploratory casts, but decided on the latter. It really was getting very warm and it was only 7.30 what a difference a couple of days can make. The casts came to nothing,  not surprising really as I was as lazy with my effort as the morning seem to deserve.

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