Does fishing need a hero?

February 24, 2013

Due to my complete lack of posting’s recently I have included a reply to a question posed via Jeff Hatts excellent blog Idler’s Quest under the title ‘No more hero’s anymore?’  A great blog that is always worth a cast especially if you’re like me and just can’t get out as often as you want.

Do we really need a hero to drive bums on banks? Why do we always seem to debate during the tough times of Winter our Sports lack of focus and direction rather than celebrate its diversity. Try to name another sport that has more way’s to score a try, pot a ball or put a ball into the back of the net?

Could fishing just be going through a natural evolution that started to progress with the posting of hand written letters to fellow enthusiasts who liked to share their experiences and ideas, to people posting on the net doing exactly the same thing.

I appreciate that is a gross simplification but at all stages our camo-heros are still here:

– For the commercial carp newbie may I suggest Terry Hearn

– For the let’s try something new, Dominic Garnett

– For the blog consumer, Jeff Hatt?

Like others when I started my hero was my Dad, because he caught fish. Then as I tried out the local moat a hero was anyone who had published a book that I could borrow from the local library. They were then soon replaced by all of the early carp fishing writers as I too tried to look like them. To this day I still enjoy reading anything from Chris Yates and Rod Hutchinson.

But could this natural evolution be experiencing a new transition stage? I think we all agree that we will never be looked upon as sexy by the marketing men, and we will never compete with the gaming generation – so could this produce a new wave of late-entries?

My son who has been given a great blue print introduction to Angling (one that I could only of dreamed of at that age) has no interest what so ever of taking up our sport. But what about in 10 years time, will he ditch the control pad and pick up the rod (insert own joke) and join us?

For those who haven’t received their early education then maybe their hero’s will be their friends and family, small specialised tackle shops or maybe Shakespearoes found in blogs such as these.

I knew if I rambled on enough I could get that line in!

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