Mullet 3 Me 0

June 3, 2013

During the last 7 days I’ve been having an early attempt for mullet. Tactics used have been very simple; bread on a running leger on a rod purchased from a carboot sale for only £1.50 !

First trip saw me full of excitement but the conditions and the result was just like the weather, poor. However it was a chance to find a spot that I could fish without snagging on every cast which would also come in handy for a few bass trips later in the year.

Second trip, conditions were much improved with a big tide and a comfortable sea to fish. Nothing occurred until roughly 20 minutes before high when I received in quick succession 5 bites that I managed to completely mess up through experimenting with an unusual hooking arrangement. They stopped as soon as they started but the journey home was great – full of excitement and hope.

Third trip, just got back and the conditions were if anything better, but I had no bite action at all. The tide was a lot smaller which I think was the issue but it was just brilliant to be by the sea in the calm dawn conditions.

Two keen mackerel rods appeared but soon departed leaving me alone to enjoy the glorious conditions. A couple of conclusions from my first foray and that is to always ensure your bread is fresh and maybe concentrate more on the bigger tides early in the season.

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