We will live forever

June 6, 2013

The wind dropped leaving the sea with a gentle bulging glow,  the remains of the large red setting sun reflected almost unbroken across the bay. Earlier I had cast into small forming shoals of mackerel for bait later in the year and maybe tea tomorrow.

courtesy of thomas laupstad

With a heavier shoulder bag than when I started I make my way back along the beach enjoying the summer night when above the sound of crunching shingle I become aware of people singing. Looking across I see two women walking parallel with me,  unable to make out the words I slow down and gently walk across the stones.

‘We will live forever’ it sounded like a hymn and if it wasn’t it should be as it was being played in the best outdoor cathedral in the world. It’s rare when seemingly random events come together to produce moment’s like this but my walk back accompanied by voices of angels (I know a bit dramatic but stay with me it really was that good) was inspiring as mother natures display.

We all arrived at our cars at the same time so I thought I would compliment them on their singing, it was then I realised they were Mother and daughter who were also enjoying the moment together, just as I was earlier. So I left them undisturbed.

Lovely, just bloody lovely.

2 Responses to “We will live forever”

  1. Gorgeous shot. Lovely post!

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