A fishless few and a good night

June 21, 2013

Just a quick update on my last trips.

Two long evenings spent with the feathers in the hope of stocking up the freezer with mackerel. Similar tides and conditions-ish to two weeks ago when I managed to bag a few. However they just weren’t there and not just for me either, many other rods joined in hope no doubt spurred on from earlier forum reports but they too left empty-handed.

If we’re not careful this will be worse than last year and that was poor, but overfishing has to take an effect eventually. Lets hope the Icelandic’s start to bow down to political pressure and reverse their decision to increase their catch quota by 300,000 tonnes… the banking crisis has hit us in so many ways.

Anyways, last night I took two of my meagre stock of mackerel to try for an early bass. The conditions could not have been better and it was just me and the sea on one of my favourite spots. Having fished and tested this area earlier in the year for mullet I was able to fish close without the threat of snags. During the evening and into the night a succession of fillets and head’s were ignored up to and during the prime time, but I stayed on as it all felt so right. Not for a bass (but there is always hope) but for that wonderful moment in time.

Two soon-to-be-men appeared on their bikes and parked up for a small social. Cheap drink eagerly clutched in a white plastic bag they climbed a steep wall that in later years they will look back and wonder just how did we manage that. With an elevated view across the sea they spoke about life, friendship and their futures in front of them all the while not aware of me fishing below and to their right.

I think they were slightly surprised when I appeared from the dark but we wished each other a good night and then carried on with our journey’s.

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