July 13, 2013

Nothing really happening of note which explain’s the absence of regular updates so just a quick summary of the last few trips. I have tried targeting the smoothhounds again this year but a lack of success has meant a lack of effort. Which would explain why I haven’t had the success! However it does seem that every spot I try has come good earlier or a few days latter.

I think I just need the confidence of that first smoothy and then I know I’m doing it right. As old habits die hard I did have one rod close in on one of my trips and caught a small bass of about a 1 1/2lb which gave a fantastic bite and a good little scrap considering its size.

I’ve also had a few trips after the mackerel for later in the year and my new smoker but they are proving to be really elusive. This recent spell of hot weather should have been ideal but once again that wind is proving to be a pain and stopping the formation of shoals.

4 Responses to “Update”

  1. I am salivating at the thought of your new smoker 😉

  2. anincorrigible said

    Yep me too, but I got to catch the dam things first!

  3. tescovalue79 said

    Will the current warm weather help or hinder your chances of finding the hounds do you think? Will they move closer inshore in the settled weather? Keep at it!

    • anincorrigible said

      Well according to those who know it should help, but they have done a bit of a disappearing act and moved further east along the coast (or have been netted). They should come back in numbers and with this weather follow the crabs close in, hopefully…

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