Last cast?

July 16, 2013

The red setting sky is creating a canopy of loveliness over the smooth falling sea (watch out I’m off again) but isn’t it funny how things can change in 24 hours, last evening the conditions were the same but tonight it feels very different.

Just then a bass of about 3 lb slowly and smoothly heads and tails like a porpoise directly in front of me, then turns deeply sending a flurry of bubbles to the surface from its gills. In all my years fishing I have never witnessed behaviour like that and after a few minutes the whole scene felt like it was part of a dream.

A small shoal of school bass playfully play on the surface far out before quickly scampering off with the last of the tide. From the corner of my eye I notice a mullet eagerly working along a gully between the shore and a weed bed, he was moving with food on his mind and I have made a mental note for another trip.

It’s all very quiet now as the tide has reached its lowest point and I have that feeling that any chances have past, but I have no urgency to pack up so I’m just going to sit here, soak up the moment, and enjoy a succession of last casts.

2 Responses to “Last cast?”

  1. 🙂

    Sometimes it seems like they’re just willing to let us hang out with them. Those fruitless casts on a nice evening can be very relaxing, though.

  2. anincorrigible said

    nicely put

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