At last…

August 9, 2013

The wind promised a pleasant session if it could just stay true to its word and being greedy I was also hoping that the area I wanted to fish was devoid of anglers, not just because I’m an anti social grumpy old bugger but I wanted to fish very close, and any disturbance would not help at all.

I sourced my bait for tonight a day earlier as while walking the shoreline trying for this years elusive mackerel (for me anyway) I couldn’t help but notice the washed up cuttle along the tide line, so a quick visit to the tackle shop was required to purchase in readiness squid and cuttle to use tonight.

With no moon and some early cloud cover I made my way hoping I would be alone, as I turned the corner I was amazed to find that I was. This was starting to look good. I have just started to use my lure rod (Bushwhacker 8ft) with braid when touch legering close in for bass. With this set up you can really experience every knock and movement, it really is amazing how much extra ‘detail’ is transmitted compared to mono and a soft traditional carp rod.

After 30 minutes and several casts, my rod which was being held at the balance-point, roughly parallel to the shore line, turned outwards towards the sea. I could feel the bass slowly working on the squid before moving off again with the tide. My rod followed like a water diviner until the bass made a lunge, hooking itself in the process. In its previous life it must have been a native brook trout as the bass jumped and splashed against the pull of the rod, only about a 1lb, it was quickly unhooked and returned.

Over the next 60 minutes I experienced two similar bites but instead of moving off with the tide they swam further out and I missed both. Sitting back cursing my luck I cast out the last of my bait and start to contemplate what I should do if it happens again when the rod started to move. Before I could even make a decision the bass took matters in its own hands and violently pulled the rod from me. The first run was incredible but it seemed to remove it of all its energy as it just plodded around after that with the odd bit of theatrical splash.

Once landed I was very surprised by its length and a rather deep hook hold which took forever to remove, so instead of a picture I quickly measured it at 23” long. Returning it I was pleased to see it swim off strongly.

With the last of the bait gone I went home happy with a big grin on my face until I realised that I had forgotten my front door key. I couldn’t understand why Alison wasn’t as pleased as I was at 1.30am this morning!

Just had a quick look at the BASS Society’s length to weight chart and it states that it would have weighed around 5.1lb, but as the fish was on the lean side I think I would have been lucky for it to have made 5lb.

6 Responses to “At last…”

  1. tescovalue79 said

    A great result and memorable story. Nice one.

  2. Aw, darn, just 5lb? 🙂

    No company + a nice bass = good times, indeed!

  3. Warren said

    Nice read can I link to my web site ?

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