October round-up

October 31, 2013

For me this is the best month of the year when it comes to bass fishing and once again it has come up trumps, but looking back I’m frustrated due to the two WW’s –  weed and work. On more than one occasion I had to abort my trips due to the excessive amount of the stuff which made presenting a bait impossible, and work really has got in the way as I was coming to the end of my secondment and going through the process of re-applying.

Anyway back to the fishing, I have tried out a more roving approach for the last few trips after going back to the carp rods after using the 8ft lure rod for most of the summer. Now these carp rods are only 2 1/2lb test curve but they felt like broom handles after the bushwhacker. So I thought I would give them a go from the shore.

The idea was to use it during calmish conditions as they are only rated 10-40g casting weight but every time I could get away the weather had other ideas. I felt rather foolish walking along a wave battered shoreline with this little rod in my hand but it managed, infact it managed rather well.

How a rod with only a max casting weight of 40g can throw out half a mackerel and on occasions a 2oz weight, against a strong head wind is beyond me. I admit I did have to shorten the running leger length slightly or the rather gentle cast was soon separated by the oncoming wind.

Using the small Diawa loaded with braid helped to reveal the movement of the lead in the undertow in greater detail than normal and I’m sure that by being thinner in diameter it helped to reduce weed build-up slightly. Also due to the height of the waves and the short rod it had to be held high to stop the rig from being washed instantly into shore, but being so light and balanced it wasn’t a problem.

On one particular trip I was working my way along the shoreline fishing each spot for approx. 15 mins before walking 30 to 40 yards and starting again. I must have walked about 200yds when I started to imagine a bass take the bait in one swift movement and taking line against the clutch. Although this is something I do quite often it normally only happens after I have caught or missed a fish, or I am convincing myself to stay for a few last casts. So it was with a slight mixture of surprise and ‘I knew this would happen’ that within a couple of minute’s of the premonition it happened as ‘seen,’ even the weed washing line stretched out over the waves was the same as I had imagined.

The bass took line against a tightly set clutch for about 10-15yds before it allowed itself to be turned and pumped back to the shore. It thought about having a go again but decided against it and just plodded along parallel to the shore. I was amazed by its size when the waves allowed a quick glimpse and had thoughts of earlier landings with weed and waves running through my head. I shouldn’t have worried as the rod was able to guide the bass in with ease – have I mentioned what a great rod it is!!

Quickly I gilled the bass to my rucksack and put it into a sling for weighing (no more plastic bags for me!). I was shaking like a leaf as the scales were pulled down to just over 8lb and was still shaking when I grabbed my phone for a quick picture. Returning her was not easy as the constant wave action kept bringing her back to shore but eventually she righted herself and very slowly pushed her way through the next incoming wave, I was one happy man.


It took an age to bait up again as my braid had twisted itself into a right mess and when I did finally cast out the weed had built up with the incoming tide to such an extent that I couldn’t leave it out for longer than 2 to 3 minutes. After persevering for 1/2 an hour I reluctantly upped sticks to try another venue only to find that the wind and tide made it impossible to even try.

As I made my way back to the car it started to thunder but by then I didn’t mind, and went home very happy with my lot.

6 Responses to “October round-up”

  1. tescovalue79 said

    Awesome fish!

  2. 8 lbs!! That’s a nice finish to a day.

    Great roundup.

  3. That is a stunning looking fish and what better way to cap a fishing trip, well done.

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