This January scene

January 12, 2014

The sound of the swell was impressive as a bank of dark cloud became visible on the horizon, the wind still soft was deceiving as there was enough to stiffen the flags. Safe places to cast and lay a trap had gone replaced by new unseen snags. Testament to recent storms.

Overhead a plaintive cry rose above the sound of the sea bringing new foragers to plunder unseen treasures floating on the swell. Just as the sun was about to appear the temperature dropped reminding me that it was still January and my chances were slim, but I was eager, eager in my searching and eager in my attitude – as this was my first trip this year.

The sun rose revealing late starters and a beautiful morning, the last of my bait was used and another new storm snag meant it was an easy get away from this January scene.

Picture Richard Eurich

2 Responses to “This January scene”

  1. What a lovely piece! Happy angling this year.

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