April 22, 2014

I have been looking at a spot for a while now that during low tide a lovely spit becomes exposed that would allow a cast into deeper water. I have never found dead low tide fishing on a shallow beach successful but if I could find such a spot then it could it open up many more options for me.

So I decided on a explorative trip and use this as an opportunity to try out a pair of new rods purchased to replace my old 2.5lb test carp rods that have done me proud for the last 10 years. They have been a very difficult rod to replace as they have stood up to ‘sea-life’ really well. So why am I replacing them? Good question, they aren’t quite stiff enough and when fully loaded are unable to cast a bait out any reasonable distance if the conditions need it.

Most bass rods are designed to cast weights between 2 to 4oz which for my style of fishing make them far to heavy for close in work, however these are able to cast weights up to 3oz and are light enough to hold all day if need be, and most importantly they have enough ‘grunt’ when required.

When I arrived at the spit it was soon obvious that I had missed the prime time as the tide was already well on its way. So I quickly set up and sat back and enjoyed the morning sunshine. I managed to miss one bite and was plagued by crabs which was about as interesting as it got however before putting the rods away, I had a real go at seeing how far I could chuck a 3oz weight on its own.

I was amazed to see new exposed line on the reel as I was casting further than I have ever done before so I started counting how many turns of the handle it took to retrieve all the line. The best I achieved was 93 turns of the handle which according to my calculations is only approximately 93 yards.

Now the reason I say ‘only’ is because I often read of casts made of over 150 yards with bait. I am now starting to realise just how far this is and how good you really need to be to achieve such distances. If I hadn’t measured I would’ve been convinced I had smashed the 100 yard barrier.

So that was it for the trip out, some good knowledge learnt for later sessions and a lovely morning to be out and sat by the sea.

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