Maybe tomorrow

July 5, 2014

Sorry for the lack of updates this year but my general lack of success hasn’t really been worth reporting on individually. So this years breakdown;

I’ve had a couple of trips for the smooth hounds this year but once again they have proved elusive, in fact in our area apart from an early flourish they seemed to have all but disappeared.

I have also tried for mullet which apart from one trip have also proved to be very elusive, on that occasion I was driven mad watching them nose my bread off the hook before taking it.

It doesn’t help either that Mackerel have yet to make an appearance which has made the start to this year very slow and quite concerning. There are all sort of rumours for the general lack of fish so far, Mullet breeding grounds being trawled for mid channel this year, the increasing effects of the overfishing of Mackerel in and around Iceland and local netters turning their attention to smooth hounds.

There are also the winter storms to take into account which may have affected the feeding grounds and a very mild winter that could be disrupting migration patterns. So it’s not looking to rosy in our patch, having said that it could all turn around tomorrow and prove to be an amazing year… lets hope so

2 Responses to “Maybe tomorrow”

  1. RichardB said

    You are not the only one ! I’ve tried a few short sessions at the usual spot, and one or two other marks I’m trying along there. No joy. I’ve not exactly been putting a lot time in though.
    The lack of mackeral is a concern. Also, do I get the impression there are very few of us specifically targeting bass around our area ?

    • anincorrigible said

      Hi, lovely to hear from you again. Glad to read you have been out, I’m planning to start in earnest in the next couple of weeks but the lack of reports of anything decent on the local forums have dented my enthusiasm some what.
      I had a walk along the wall tonight and I don’t think any mackerel were being caught, certainly not while I was there – really is worrying

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