Every cast a coconut…

December 6, 2014

Three young lads, I’m guessing two friends and a brother that had to come along, trudged past me on a deserted beach. There seems to be an unwritten rule in angling that says no matter how many miles of beach there is you must fish as close to anyone who is fishing, so it was no surprise when they set up camp next to me.

I will give them there due though, it was a respectful distance. As my fishing was poor I was able to observe them getting along and it was great to see them working together and helping each other out. One of the pack was the expert, although his freshwater rod bag gave the impression that sea angling was still relatively new to him and it also looked like all the equipment was new, so I could just imagine the earlier excitement of the trip.

They were soon set up and casting out as far as they could however the younger brother had to be given tuition in the art of distance casting. He took the instructions well, learnt quickly and it wasn’t long before they started to see a steady stream of whiting hit the beach. Although there fish handling will improve over time it was great to note the fish being returned, however most floated past me, belly up. But what a contrast to when I was younger when every thing was kept regardless of size.

Is this a sign of a significant step change in attitudes or because of their freshwater back ground? I hope its the former. As time progressed the chilly easterly grew colder and out came there bags of food lovingly prepared by their Mums, it was then becoming noticeable who was really enjoying their day. Two of the lads started to talk and play with each other while one turned his back and rod to the others and fished with real enthusiasm for the task and got his just rewards.

He discovered a band of whiting about 50yards out and just couldn’t go wrong for they were there in plague numbers, every cast a coconut. I packed up before dark wondering how long the band of brothers were to continue with their quest and pretty certain that at least one of the lads would be back.


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