Cormorant v Commercial v Crab

July 5, 2015

A lone cormorant flew past less than a foot above the soft waves and settled on a spot that I assume was gained from years of experience. The morning was mild and calm and the tide had just reached low giving me a couple of hours before I would be forced to return home. In the distance another hunter was working the sea bed back and forth but appeared to be getting very little return for their efforts reflecting mine, although I was just sitting allowing a crab bait to gently roam in the slowly turning tide.

Looking at the entries I can’t understand how I have missed half a year – but I have. I’ve had a few trips out for the smooth hounds and that’s about it really with only a couple of pups to report. The usual summer species seem to get later and later every year and we are still waiting for mackerel to make an appearance, which does help to explain my lack of reports.

With no action on the baited rod I used my second to cast around a weedless lure among the now rising kelp beds and soon found myself competing for territory with the earlier cormorant. But it all felt a bit lifeless, so with no further activity I had one last cast deciding my time was up before I was pushed off my mark by the incoming tide.

2 Responses to “Cormorant v Commercial v Crab”

  1. Lovely piece, as always. The bite has been slow around here as well — “lifeless” is a good way to put it. I wonder what that cormorant is thinking? or if it will change years of habit and find another spot?

    • anincorrigible said

      Lovely to hear from you, hope all is well. Still posting pictures? Had a look recently and it appeared to have gone a bit quiet, like mine. Although there are a few new ones that I would value your opinion on. All the best

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