Hope and expectation

August 18, 2015

Been waiting for a break from this constant wind and hoping that a couple days of settled weather would bring the mackerel out from where they’ve been hiding for the last couple of years. Well it finally arrived, and with a set of decent tides as a bonus I trotted off hoping to stock up for bass later this year.

Conditions were if anything better than expected when I arrived and I was soon making my way along the shore full of expectation and hope (in that order). Casting out a set of feathers, working an area, then moving on 20 paces was the well worked routine but nothing was showing by the time I reached a resting point, in fact it was all looking pretty bleak as I sat down with a resigned thud of disappointment on the shingle.

While having a bite to eat, I notice to my left a small boat not much bigger than a dingy approaching and it was soon anchoring up about 10 yards off shore. He had a look of an old hand despite his casual attire as he was waiting for his anchor to take hold and everything on board looked right, in fact everything said to me he was a commercial.

A couple of days ago a freak gust of wind lifted my glasses from a pub table and dropped them on the floor in the process smashing them, so my vision was slightly blurred as I observed from my vantage point. Two rod were quickly deployed with what looked like sand eels or small live baits and sent out to their chosen spots. Rods were then recast after a maximum of 10 minutes and held every time a bite was evident, if it failed to develop it was then left to rest but not before mending the line to take the bait further out. All the while looking over his shoulder in case some one was approaching

In quick succession he bagged 5 bass most undersize, with only one returned with no respect for its well being or for the future of our sport. I can only assume it was chucked behind the boat in the hope that it wouldn’t return to the shoal. One bass needed the use of a landing net which from my vantage point I would estimate at around 4lb

I made my way back casting here and there more in hope than expectation (in that order) before making my way back home. It was good to know that there are some bass around this particular patch but I very much doubt they will be around for much longer…

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