Counting the days off to Christmas

October 10, 2015

What a load of rubbish. Most years, I start early full of enthusiasm and flog the waters for an early bass, but as that has produced next to nothing for the last couple of summers, I’ve decided to play it cool and wait for the bigger girls to arrive. So far that hasn’t worked either.

During the down time the plan was to stock up with fresh mackerel for later in the year, but apart from two trips when they magically appeared – that hasn’t worked either. Last year I didn’t catch any so I should be pleased with the six I caught this year (yes, that’s right just six) but they’ve already been used up in my attempts for the bigger bass.

Looking back at earlier blog entries, I decided to also look back at old tide times and realised there was a pattern emerging over the years, so it was with real, genuine excitement I fished a few trips at the right spot and at the right time at the beginning of this month – surely lightening couldn’t strike three times? No it couldn’t.

The only thing that may have stopped all the planets from aligning was the Easterly wind, but I’m not sure. However the times are all queuing up again at the end of the month, so I have taken a week off work to give it my best, and even after all these years it feels like I’m waiting for Christmas to arrive.

My very good fishing companion has also disappeared like the bass and the mackerel, and I do hope all is ok. Although we very rarely fish together, we fish the same spots and give each other on-line encouragement in our pursuits, but perhaps his own bass mania has run its natural course. I hope not.

I’m off now to count the days to Christmas and will of course report back later, that’s if I don’t sneak open a present early.

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