Fresh water is calling…

November 11, 2015

Well that was rubbish, 4 trips and not a touch, and I used up a weeks holiday to boot. Last week I was bemoaning my lack of success on a local fishing forum and they suggested that as the bait fish are still hanging around the harbours, that’s where the bass are likely to be.

So I’ve ignored that advice and continued to fish from the shore! In my defense we’ve experienced some great onshore winds this week and very mild conditions, so I’ve sneaked out a couple of trips before work, but once again not a touch, unless you count a snatched run from a schoolie. Give it its due though it had a good go considering the size of the mackerel I was using as bait.

Not giving up on this year just yet, but 2016 could well see my attention return to freshwater. At least I know they are there even if I’m not catching!

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