December Update

December 31, 2015

Sorry for the late update but I did manage another trip out this month on the 13th. Really interesting session not just because I caught something (!) but more for the venue and method.

My old hunting ground had proved fishless this year and although I should really keep revisiting; when there are beaches more local it’s difficult. My original choice was out-of-bounds due to some MOD activity so plan B was hatched rather quickly. I arrived and was soon set up as I am now down to one rod, an extended freshwater rod rest and a small rucksack.

Now this was a higher than normal tide and the venue is known for its run and weed during such times, so it took a bit of searching before I could find a spot where a 2 1/2 oz lead could hold bottom and keep out of the weed. But that’s the beauty of this set-up as you can up sticks in an instant. To be honest, until I found a spot I thought it was going to be a wasted trip as the weed was proving very difficult, as the rod was almost parallel to the beach due to the small rod rest, allowing the line to pick up every bit of passing weed.

Fishing in close with a large lump of mackerel, laying down next to the rod I was soon enjoying the conditions. After a couple of hours I was becoming resigned to another blank when for the first time this year the rod took a savage knock. In an instant I was up by its side, but as time passed I started to convince myself that maybe it was a larger wave that caused it when the baitrunner screamed as the line was taken viciously to the right. The bass ploughed up and down parallel to the shore line before eventually allowing itself to be beached helped by an oncoming wave.

It was in fantastic condition and measured 24 1/2″ (between 6 to 6 1\2lb) and I was very happy to see it swim away strongly. However I was not so happy when I discovered that the two pictures I’d taken had failed to save to the memory card as I’ve never had a bass in December before. That will teach me to not check the camera before setting off!

Well I got one in the end and will continue to try this winter if the weather holds out and will keep you updated. May I wish everyone a Happy New Year and a fished filled 2016

2 Responses to “December Update”

  1. Lisa said

    Sad that you didn’t get the pictures of the bass. Oh well, I hope you’re catching more fish this 2016!

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