Please let this continue…

July 4, 2016

For me and my past results, this year is already proving to be rather good. Went out again this morning fished a different venue and after two missed runs struck third time lucky and landed a bass of 26″.

There are times when stuff just comes together and I had one of those moments while playing this bass. All those years of fine tuning my tackle, working through venues and times all just came together while watching the water boil as I stopped run after run against a tight clutch, just fantastic.

My forum buddy has also returned with a bang catching a 26″ from another local venue, lets hope this continues throughout the summer.

Incidentally the running camera saga nearly continued. Having looked at the prices on Amazon I decided to use another old camera. It was only after returning the bass I noticed the mode dial had been knocked, and it was on landscape mode – I think I was fortunate to get the quality I did. Thank goodness!


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