Summer Holiday’s

September 4, 2011

Just back from a holiday in East Cornwall where we stayed in a delightful creek  in Forder near Saltash.  I hoped I may get a chance to do a little fishing while we were away,  but my daughter had other plans in the form of whooping-cough. Despite being inoculated against the virus when she was younger she managed to be hit for six with the illness.

In between visits back home and visits to Doctors and Hospitals she is finally starting to recover, but it is a painfully slow process. The Chinese call it the 100 day illness so she is still not out of the woods yet, but hopefully the worse is over.

I did manage to take some photo’s of the creek in Forder and was assured by the locals that at certain times of the year they have a run of good-sized mullet,  however the only ones I saw barely made 1/2 lb.  I would have loved to be around when the larger ones were about as nobody appeared to fish for them.


It was one of those places that you try to get all artistic with the camera, not sure about the results, but this one is my favourite

Just waiting to be taken

I also took some shots of Mevagissey when myself and Thomas managed to sneak away from the cottage  leaving Ambur with her Mum. Pure indulgence I know but I have included a couple for those who may be interested.


Nothing to do with fishing

September 16, 2010

As found hanging on my daughters (aged 9) bedroom door last night…

1. Do not jump on the bed

2. Don’t run around

3. No boys in my bedroom (except my brother)

4. Don’t try on my clothes

5. or shoes

6. or my stuff unless I say so

7. or DS

8. Don’t play with my radio unless I say so, and

9. Have fun