A returning summer visitor slowly made his way down a small channel carried by the incoming tide, eager to see its size I must have shown myself as it quickly about-turned and speed off in the direction it came from. Its appearance complimented the summer like conditions and I was sure that there would be others to see as I set up two light carp rods for a chance of a Plaice.

It was only a quick visit so I was soon sitting behind the rods waiting expectantly for the plaice to move in on the increasing tide. I had managed to find a spot sheltered from the wind and it really was lovely to be out. A sprightly retired man his face already tanned from a life outdoors passed with a small dingy on a trailer. ‘Lovely day to be out,’ was his greeting as he weaved passed me before leaving his boat by my rods to take his trailer back. Quickly I grabbed my camera as he had left one of those shots, but for the second time in two trips my camera told me to change batteries, despite being fully charged last night. Grrrr.

With the skill of an old hand he was rowing out with a strength that seemed out of sync with his age and moored up against a beautiful teak sailing yacht.  Soon he was busying himself on deck and I imagined that he was getting ready for the first trip of the year.

The small mound of rag worm in the newspaper by my side slowly reduced in size as each new cast sent out a fresh scent trail, however not a movement came from my rods and my mind started to wander. The amount of wildlife  today was staggering, together they all appeared to be noisily appreciating the warm summer like conditions. In amongst it all two swans were starting their mating ritual which would have made for some excellent pictures.

The putt-putt sound of a diesel engine broke my almost sleep like trance, on looking up  the teak yacht was now puffing out smoke,  it crossed my mind how strange that this pollution seemed so right in these natural conditions. My bait supply was now finished and it was time to pack up. The summer visitor appeared to be alone but it won’t be long now before this year’s angling can start in earnest.