Not today

November 10, 2014

Managed to fish the tide up and over for a few hours, conditions looked great and the sea had turned a nice colour. I was full of optimism but after 3 hours I decided enough was enough and trudged back dejected.

Not a touch


November 9, 2014

Conditions were far from ideal, dead calm and really warm for the time of year with a blazing sun in a cloudless blue sky beating down for most of the day. And to make it worse I wasn’t alone, in fact I have never seen it so busy down there what with the number of rods or the record number of dog walkers.

It was going to be one of those sessions that was about enjoying the day, and not wishing things were different, but it didn’t mean I wasn’t going to try. I’m still using the mackerel on one rod and squid on the second and was soon covering the ground in front of me with bait on the hook and ground-bait for bass attracting scent.

Recently I have started to experiment with a new technique that appears to work best following a storm and still rough seas. I will share soon but it’s still early days and I think I may have missed my best chance of really proving it this year. Early days I know but it really has great potential and brings me back to the days when my Dad and I used to fish together.

Recently the new ‘best’ time is one hour before high and sure enough at 11.20 I noticed a small knock on the right hand rod. However after a few minutes nothing came of it so decided to get some food from my rucksack (will I ever learn) when the reel went into melt down. It stopped when I got to the rod but started again as I picked it up, but the momentarily lack of tension caused the line to wrap around the rod rest cup.

Although it only took moments to sort, the bass was able to blow the bait up the line and in doing so remove the hook-hold, however I did feel the weight of the run for about 2 to 3 seconds and it felt big and strong, in fact bigger than anything I have hooked this year. This doesn’t mean it was necessarily bigger as all bass can fight at different levels at different times, but over the years you do get a feeling, and it definitely gave me that feeling…

A friend who was also fishing further along had a good bass after high which stopped me from packing up for a while, but as I have never had any great success on an ebbing tide my heart wasn’t really into it and I soon made the decision to pack (plus the wife wasn’t too happy!)

I think I may be back tomorrow. I really hope I can as I am still smarting, which is really difficult to explain to someone who doesn’t fish, but its a strange feeling that needs to be addressed – almost like an addiction I suppose


Like a cheap coffee

October 25, 2014

Following a recent storm I was eager to get out. On arriving the sea was like the colour of cheap coffee from a roadside café, but after a couple of hours staring at motionless rods I was starting to think that maybe it was too coloured, when bang in quick succession the following decided to make an appearance. The first came in at 7lb 15oz despite juggling and standing on one leg and was still feisty when it came to its picture being taken.


The second weighed 4lb 15oz (what is it with the missing once, and does it really matter?)


And the third a good 2lb + which went straight back without a picture. Really keen to get back out again I was back out on the next tide and unbelievably into another good bass, which at just over 27″ made 8lb 3oz


This was turning out to be a great month so I was back out for more, but that has been it. Despite 4 trips I’ve not had a touch but I’m keen to keep going while the weather holds to see if I can connect again on the next set of decent tides.

All bass were returned to provide sport for future generations