Tea or Bait?

May 23, 2012

Finally loaded my new Diawa with braid today and considering the mini heat wave-like conditions, thought I would have a speculative try with the lures for an early bass.

Having never used braid before and reading about all the horror stories (wind knots etc.) I was really surprised at how easy it was to use and the casting distance’s achieved with my little 8ft BushWhacker rod. I was quite happy working through my brand new shiny lure collection when a man in his mid 50’s turned up on his bike, rod already made up with a set of feathers ready to go.

Despite having the whole beach he choose to squeeze in next to me, nodded the customary greeting, let fly and immediately reeled in 2 hard fighting spirited mackerel. After gutting the  mackerel at the water’s edge he said his farewells and left on his bike. I swear I could hear him whistling a merry tune as he rounded the corner. I stood there for a moment and considered my choice of lures before rummaging around my bag for an old set of feathers.

I suppose if you can’t beat them – join them!

It wasn’t instant success though, however 20 minutes later I managed one of about a pound. The fight on braid was fantastic, so much so I was convinced that I must have hooked into more than one but watching from a slightly raised position I could see its every twist and turn. Time had moved on and with it the best of the tide so I decided it was time to leave  –  and I also decided to have this one for tea.

I was whistling a merry tune as I turned the corner for home.