An Angel’s Kiss…

June 3, 2011

Should of gone yesterday, so I forced myself out of bed this morning to try a newish spot at low tide, this time I didn’t want to waste the rest of the day wishing I had gone!  Arrived to find the wind a lot stronger than expected but was soon casting a soft shad out into the breaking waves.

The plan was to spin for a few hours with the making tide in the hope of a bass. Walking slowly along the shore line I tried a couple of lures to try and tempt but after an hour or so I had the feeling it was not one of those tides. I tried all manner of retrieve speeds and lures to try to snatch a take, but no such luck today.

On the way home I stopped off at another spot for a couple of casts but nothing showed to lift my ailing enthusiasm. I was home a lot sooner than expected and after receiving a good morning kiss from my daughter I was quickly roped into making breakfast for the family.

I’m off next week and plan to get a few trips in. Can’t wait, its been too long since my last outing and today was just the appetizer I needed.

An Angel's kiss


A pleasing madness

February 16, 2011

The waves are gently pat patting the side of the boats as I stroll pass the harbour to a likely spot. The breeze from the east still has more than a hint of winter despite the sun’s best intention’s. Today the air feels clean, fresh and renewing. Almost spring like.

The baits land gently into the sea barely yards apart hoping to carry a scent trial along with the tide. My own scent trial follows the breeze for no one to pick up as a steaming cup of coffee joins a late sandwich breakfast. The rods fall into a hypnotic rhythm as the water grows and subsides.

The sun breaks through  polishing the recently exposed pebbles as the slim window of chance disappears. For too long I enjoy the moment before being aware of other things outside this pleasing madness.