Like a purposeful submarine

November 25, 2010

The soft morning mist is gently rising in columns as the weak autumn sun tries its best to illuminate the cold dawn. The warmth of the night is already a distant memory as I pull together my coat to keep out the cold. Looking across the perfectly reflected estuary not a movement can be seen.

During the summer I would have been feeling the strength of the sun and watching ringlets form as the young fry make their way up and down the protected shoreline. Always on the look out for something larger I can still remember clearly the time I caught in the corner of my eye a movement close to un-loved thin white boat moored in the centre channel. There was nothing in the area to have disturbed it, but it chose that moment  to move at great speed further upstream.

The unseen fish produced a bow-wave , that even from the distance I was watching from, was remarkable. Time has a habit of embellishment but I swear it must have been at least 4″ high. Like a child at Christmas I quickly called my dog and went after the monster. We ran through recently exposed shoreline without a care in the world, mud and water splashing everywhere. However there was no present-of-gold at the end of my search as it submerged like a purposeful submarine never to be seen again.

The summer with its warm winds has stayed with us for longer than most of us expected but  it now looks and feels like winter has finally arrived. Turning our backs to the still of the morning, myself and Max still enveloped in autumn mist, slowly disappear from the watery scene.