You know how it is. When the fishing Gods conspire to be against you, you may as well be all philosophical about it, because what ever you do to try and make it right won’t make a scrap of difference.

Now normally they decide to take revenge after you have been patiently waiting all day for that magic moment when the bass are about to put in an appearance, but I don’t think they were around today so I should be grateful, but 4 casts and 3 complete losses of terminal tackle can be pretty frustrating. Coupled with some new line that decides today would be a great day to have a life all of its own… yep it was a great time to be all philosophical;  and I was only popping down for an hour!

In between re-tackling and sorting out line wrapped around the reel I did manage to get a bite a cast which was a bit of a surprise, and I even managed to catch a fish which was even more of a surprise! It was, I think a small scorpion fish which somehow managed to consume half a peeler and a large ragworm before impaling itself on a size 4/0.

For a moment I even thought about taking a picture before realising how daft that would be. However it felt good today, so much so that I think I will go again, but first I will need to check out at low tide, this devourer of all things tackle and then hope Sir Issac will look down on me a little more favourably for tomorrow.


Distant memories re-visited

September 13, 2010


This report from 09 was from a mark that I used to be able to rely on for at least a bite or two. Not this year though! Looking out at the weather tonight I can hardly believe its the same month, the weather that day was really hot, not the best conditions for a bass but after a relatively successful summer I was hopeful none the less…

… and I would have been his hero. September 8, 2009
An old clipper boat was bobbing up and down in the Solent like a recently spent cork tossed into the sea, not a cloud over head to disrupt the blazing sun and even the seagulls were just lazily floating around; christ it was hot and not a breath of wind either. The waves from a day or to earlier were now barely managing to roll onto the beach as I cast a fresh mackerel into the making tide. According to some not the best conditions but I was hopeful none the less.
A day or two earlier I had manged to literally pull the bait from a taking bass that my son was fishing for in a local creek. He was holding the rod awkwardly so I helped him to get more comfortable just at the same time the lined pulled tight and a small vortex in the shallow water showed how close he had come to catching a good bass. Earlier we had both been watching two bass working the tide, one was about 4lb the other had to be over 6lb. A split second later and my actions would have been a strike and I would have been his hero, but try explaining that to a very disappointed son. Lady luck is a very fickle creature indeed…  

Talking of luck, after my recent loss I have replaced my line (which I should have done some time ago) and I have upgraded my carp rod to a slightly more beefier model.

The clipper had barely moved as a succession of mackerel chunks were cast into the smooth bulging sea. Now normally on this mark you can get a very good idea if there are any bass around by the amount of crab activity. I often imagine the bass moving in on the strengthening tide and the crabs keeping covered for fear of being the next meal. Today they were out in force so it wasn’t looking good.

Out of the blue a sudden knock on the rod brought me back to reality followed by a succession of rod lunges, a quick strike and it was bass on. Initially I thought it may have gone a bit bigger as it put up an excellent fight on the new gear tearing up and down the beach and staying deep which is normally a good sign.

A lean bass pulled from the edge of his domain was quickly unhooked and returned to fight another day

Another great pic from Probassfisher

A very good forum friend sent me a PM with the above as an opening line. I have just re-read that line because it is interesting that I have called him a friend as we have never actually met. But we have communicated over time about all things bass and he has passed onto me some fantastic tips and venues. So why shouldn’t I call him a friend?

Any way back to the opening title, it was in response to the fact that family time and work have prevented me from getting out for the last couple of weeks, it can be a very difficult juggling act combining the two. For those who don’t have the fishing affliction it is tricky to explain but here goes.

The harder you work the more your family need you around, so therefore the harder you work the more your family resent the time you want to fish. Sometimes they just know what you are about to ask. Just through association they have become aware when the conditions feel right and the little things we do when we start to mentally prepare for a trip. Like repeatedly looking through the window and checking the wind direction, making sure there are still some mackerel left in the freezer. They will often say no even before you ask …

So you try to limit your trips to more anti-social times but the problem with that is you are getting old and the next day you are knackered often taking you all week to recover. And of course that doesn’t sit well with family time. So what do I do instead? I spend time on fishing forums and even make up my own fishing blog!

The curse of the fishing classes