You know how it is. When the fishing Gods conspire to be against you, you may as well be all philosophical about it, because what ever you do to try and make it right won’t make a scrap of difference.

Now normally they decide to take revenge after you have been patiently waiting all day for that magic moment when the bass are about to put in an appearance, but I don’t think they were around today so I should be grateful, but 4 casts and 3 complete losses of terminal tackle can be pretty frustrating. Coupled with some new line that decides today would be a great day to have a life all of its own… yep it was a great time to be all philosophical;  and I was only popping down for an hour!

In between re-tackling and sorting out line wrapped around the reel I did manage to get a bite a cast which was a bit of a surprise, and I even managed to catch a fish which was even more of a surprise! It was, I think a small scorpion fish which somehow managed to consume half a peeler and a large ragworm before impaling itself on a size 4/0.

For a moment I even thought about taking a picture before realising how daft that would be. However it felt good today, so much so that I think I will go again, but first I will need to check out at low tide, this devourer of all things tackle and then hope Sir Issac will look down on me a little more favourably for tomorrow.