Time and Shoal

July 29, 2011

This years rare summer sun beats down from the blue sky. The waves from a few days earlier are now barely managing a ripple as the smooth sea bulges in time with life. In the distance the sound of gulls spread across the scene as they commit their part of the whitebait cull by attacking from above. With luck a shoal of mackerel should appear as the tide grows stronger, and if it does then myself and Ambur are ready and armed to catch.


Time passes slowly as the tide grows,  but from the corner of my eye I notice the water to our left start to simmer, and then boil as a shoal of mackerel drive into the cornered whitebait. Quickly they move towards us, as we notice by our feet, a procession of mackerel running single file along the shore line as if moving around the shoal  to form a pincer movement. 

Time and shoal soon move on, but not before two hurried casts bring in 3 fresh mackerel. The sun, still high in the sky  is beating down as two happy fools leave the beach to return another day.