Distant memories re-visited

August 22, 2010

...the bass had moved on

August 23, 2007 …

Got away at last, grabbed sessions at short notice always feel great. Arrived at about an hour before high tide and set up my carp gear with a large side of mackerel. Things were looking good as I cast out and I felt expectant.

One hour later despite several recasts with fresh mackerel I had not received a touch. The wind had now started to pick up and was getting a little cold, what a summer we are having.

In the corner of my eye I notice a small shoal of mackerel working along the shore line, I debated with myself whether to put any feathers on but decide to keep to my original plan. Just as I am about to reel in for another re-bait the shoal re-appears further out. I don’t think I will ever tire of watching them darting in and out of the waves, just then a small knock on the rod brings me back to reality.

The knock turns into a strong pull which feels unmissable…but I did. My attempt to recast was delayed as I had to retie a new lead weight as my weak link had snapped. Eventually cast out and on tightening up to the bait I miss another bite. This was getting frustrating.

Another cast and another bite, but this time the quick knocking indicated pollack. Sure enough 5 min’s later and I reel in a plumb pollack of around a pound.

Despite a quick recast that was it, the tide had turned, the bass had moved on and it was time to go home. A frustrating but thoroughly enjoyable session.