Homework Matters

May 3, 2012

Not really expecting much I decided to take advantage of the weather and get a couple of hours fishing a rising tide. Ambur my daughter came along for company which is always a bonus and we both set off to our chosen spot.  As it was a school night we had strict instructions not to be late so we quickly set-up both rods with light leads and decorated our hooks with rag as our preferred bait.

The evening turned the sea into mill-pond calm and it was lovely just to sit there and listen to the excited chatter of a 10-year-old while watching the rods gently tap to the beat of the marauding crab’s.

‘Are we going to catch anything?’ said Ambur

‘Well I have a feeling tonight that we just might,’ was my reply

‘Don’t you think that every time you go fishing Daddy?’

For someone so young she really does seem to have it all worked out. It was also about this time she explained to me that she had forgotten to do her homework which was due in tomorrow, so it meant that the normal series of just one last cast had to be restricted to just that – one. However it had been a lovely evening with equally lovely company so it was no problem and soon we were making our way back to the car.

Just as we were about to veer away from the shoreline towards the road and the parked car, I noticed in the corner of my eye a movement that could only be a fish, sure enough there was a small bass making its way along the tide in search of a meal. We followed it until it about turned to resume its pre-determined journey. We knew we had to be back home but the thought of watching it again was too appealing so we headed back to see if we could observe it again, sure enough we caught up with it exactly where we had fished just 10 minutes earlier!

It continued its journey as before  despite having a torched shone on it from an excited 10-year-old but all to soon we lost it to the dark depths of the sea before realising that this time we really must get back for homework duties.