Like a Child at Christmas

February 29, 2012

Do we ever really grow-up? The reason I ask is that I’ve been receiving parcels in the post over the past few weeks that makes me feel like a child at Christmas. When I try to explain the reason for my excitement the Wife rolls her eyes and the children at best try to show some appreciation, but know if they show too much then I’m likely to bore them for hours – oh dear.

Anyway back to the parcels. Over the last few months I have researched and ordered a new reel to go with my 8ft Bushwhacker and various soft and hard lures. The softs are an absolute revelation, especially the ones from Snowbee, and I can’t wait to use them in ‘anger’. The idea of being able to use them ‘weed-free’ should open up so many more options. I’ve lost count of the times I have packed up over the years due to weed fouling the presentation, knowing that Bass just had to be out there.

Just think of all those high season marks that remain unfishable due to the weed.  Surely a soft lure worked through the ripping tide will be just the ticket when the weed is flooding past in great lumps; and I simply can’t wait to find out. A word of warning though, this is going to be very addictive. Already I have far too many softs as every time I visit a site on-line I just have to order a pack, and I haven’t even tried any of this out yet, God knows what it will be like if I get any success!