Sometimes it all goes right

September 21, 2011

The waves pound the shoreline creating a fine spray that is soon picked up by the blustery wind. In every direction you look there are dark, menacing clouds threatening to gather up a storm at any moment. Wrapped up more like winter than late summer I am loving every minute of it.

The rod, moving in time with the heavy waves suddenly receives some welcome fish attention. I have held the rod for over 2 hours and it is great to feel it suddenly come to life. Although I’m convinced its only a small pollack, I wait for the bite to develop and soon the rod starts to hoop over as a series of rattles becomes a lunge – fish on! Fishing near a set of boulders always give the fish something to run to and this one was no exception, in fact it tried so hard that in the process it nearly beached itself. The Bass (I was wrong) then moved out into slightly deeper water, twisting and turning in the surging waves. It’s fight was way beyond its size but soon it was brought ashore helped along by the next wave.

Somehow I had managed to foul hook it under the jaw which would explain the early kiting effect and the stronger fight than expected, but it was soon unhooked and returned in the hope of keeping up with the shoal. Quickly I sent out another mackerel fillet to the same spot and stood there with a silly contented grin on my face. Now this bass barely made a pound and a half and would normally be barely worthy of a mention, but it was my first one in nearly two years. I think lady luck must have smiled at me as the hook-hold was very unusual, perhaps I was really meant to catch that one.

I don’t think less than 10 minutes had passed when I had a series of heavy lunges that was almost impossible to miss, and I didn’t. This one kept deep and felt more purposeful, even managing to take line against a tightly set clutch as it tried to make its way to the rocks. However the curve of the rod soon had it under control as again I used the next wave to bring it ashore.

The picture,  rushed as it was now pouring with rain, doesn’t really do the larger one any justice as there is no sense of scale, however like the earlier one it was returned to a now calm sea.

Funny game this fishing lark I wait nearly two years for a bass and then two come at once!


What a Day

August 4, 2010

Here I am sat in the car looking at the waves crashing into the shore and listening to the wind battering the trees, helping to push them into an un-natural angle.

The wipers are on intermittent as the drizzle tries really hard to turn to rain. I was in a dilemma; the forecast said that the wind would change in direction and any rain would only be showers. However the wipers were now no longer needed, so saying a pray to the weather gods I set-off. As I walked, the wind though not changing direction, was starting to lessen. Things were starting to look good.

I have lost count the amount of trips this year and I have yet to experience a bite let alone a bass! It really has been very barren for me, however I was soon at my mark casting out recently caught mackerel to their chosen spots.

The weather to the east was starting to look a bit dark, two walkers decided to bid a hasty retreat as it started to look very threatening. A bite, I can’t believe it, after all this time I go and miss it!

At least its a sign that I am still doing something right, so with renewed enthusiasm I am soon searching the likely spots. The clouds now look very dark and the wind is starting to pick up as the first drops of rain start to drop big and heavy as I put my wet weather gear on.

Thunder crashes as the wind picks up and blows my tripod and rods across the beach, what an amazing storm. Hailstones start to fall as big as marbles as I struggle to bring in the line now festooned with weed from the water’s edge. There is no discernible horizon all around me as I am stood alone in the middle of one of the best storms I have been in for years.

As soon as it starts its over and I am putting out the rods again. The first rod is out however while making ready the second I notice it bounce, must be the wave action I think to myself, before realising the sea is as smooth as a mill-pond – blast another bite missed. Two in one trip and I miss both!

What a Day

For the next hour I sit and marvel at the conditions, it really was great just to be out. No further action came to my rods as I packed away just as the tide was starting to turn… may be next time.