This Fool’s Reflections

January 18, 2012

A belated Happy New Year to everyone and their families and I hope that I find you all well.  It has been a strange Christmas for me, almost  melancholic due to work, job security and all the other things we tend to worry about. Which is not my way at all. Maybe this is why I have perhaps sub-consciously delayed updating.

The funny thing about blogs (have I used this phrase before?) when I started out I had grand idea’s that they will be eagerly read by all who share the same interest as me, but over time they have become more introspective and more of a personal record of events for me to look back on in the months and years ahead. And I have just done that now and already in the relatively short time of this blog it has brought back memories that I had shoved somewhere to the back of my mind.  It always amazes me that words just like smells can instantly bring back the feelings and emotions experienced, whether it be a great catch, an amazing storm or special moments with your loved ones.

Reflecting on last year it has been my best for the size of bass caught and a great confirmation that I am doing most things right.  When you start to experience a long spell of blank’s I for one start to doubt every action I make and read and re-read everything to see where I can improve – but as someone said to me, it could be simply that the bass are not there. Obvious I know, but when the tide and the conditions are spot-on you get that feeling that they must be out there somewhere and it is your failings that have prevented you from catching.

This year I am really looking forward to a slight change of tactics. I have read and consumed with relish, the thoughts and ideas behind LRF and feel that during the leaner times (which for me is most of the summer!) it could provide me with some excellent sport with schoolies and mackerel before returning to more traditional methods for hopefully, the larger bass later in the year. For this assault I have already acquired the necessary rod and am eagerly awaiting my birthday in the hope of some more goodies to join the growing arsenal required to attack this method of fishing.

I can see the blog entries already…  slowly I wade out into the smooth millpond sea trying my best not to disturb the almost church like tranquility.

Happy New Year everyone!