I struggled to get out of bed this morning. Conditions from the window were not looking too good. Shall I go back to bed?  Bugger-it I’m on Holiday and if I don’t go now then I will only regret it!

Not an audacious start.

Wind from the North-West was blowing harder than I originally thought  (as it appears to have done all summer), as I continued my way to the mark, but unfortunately another angler had made an earlier start than me and had beaten me to it. In theory my second choice  should be a better place to fish from, as there is a build up of shingle that causes the tide to deviate very close to shore, coupled with the remnants of an old water outlet that has been bulldozed over many times.

As the tide grew I could see along the shore two other anglers join us. One quite a distance from me was using what appeared to be very similar tactics i.e. holding the rod and slowly walking along the shoreline with each new cast. Another angler arrived carrying a bucket for mackerel as large as his enthusiasm must have been this morning when he first set-off   – he left without wetting a line.

It was turning out to be one of those tides. For those who don’t fish it is difficult to explain but over the years you get a feeling when the conditions are right; and a feeling when they are not. Today was the latter. Another mackerel hunter walked past while walking his dog, casting more in hope than certainty I watched him walk far into the distance before deciding on one last cast.

I was home by 8 o’clock without a touch all morning.