This glorious weather always manages to catch me out, so why should this year be any different? I flog the water to death when in reality the season starts late June early July, but it hasn’t stopped me checking the forums for the first reports of Bass being caught.  Already the first of the Mullet are showing and Smooth Hounds have been caught, so things are looking promising for an early start.

It is also encouraging that the water temperature has remained around the 9 degree mark, this is in direct contrast to the last two years when the cold winters have really dragged down the temperature. Maybe it the long days of sunshine, but I am feeling really optimistic for a great year. A friend of mine who knows a few commercial boat owners, has said that catches of bass were really poor last year as they believed that they had stayed in deeper water because of the low water temperature. Could this mean a bumper run of Bass this summer?

Lets hope so.