A quickie…

September 2, 2010

I woke earlier than expected. Laying there I thought I really must take advantage of this before springing out of bed and dashing into action. In what felt like moments I was soon watching the smooth sea slowly making its way out in the early morning freshness. Looking around I noticed an earlier hunter who had already beaten me to it and was drying out its wings on a convenient pole.

The mackerel still heavily frozen was cut to make a bait for a 5/0 and then gently lobbed into the waiting tide. If I am being honest the tide wasn’t great; it was only small and had already passed its prime time but if I hadn’t gone I would only have spent the day regretting it.

Casting along the shore line I used the weed to soften my footsteps, there was miles of it. Unfortunately it wasn’t just along the beach either, as a succession of casts revealed it to be just where I wanted my bait. However I soon found a spot where I could fish with a reasonable chance of it not being covered within a few seconds.

miles of it

The mackerel had now thawed just enough for me to present its head and guts on a freeline rig as the tide was starting to retreat with earnest. But even the crabs couldn’t be bothered to make an appearance today, so I lent my rod up against my bag,  allowed the line to gently sway in the breeze, sat down on my jacket and just enjoyed the morning.

... the line swayed in the breeze