Another great pic from Probassfisher

A very good forum friend sent me a PM with the above as an opening line. I have just re-read that line because it is interesting that I have called him a friend as we have never actually met. But we have communicated over time about all things bass and he has passed onto me some fantastic tips and venues. So why shouldn’t I call him a friend?

Any way back to the opening title, it was in response to the fact that family time and work have prevented me from getting out for the last couple of weeks, it can be a very difficult juggling act combining the two. For those who don’t have the fishing affliction it is tricky to explain but here goes.

The harder you work the more your family need you around, so therefore the harder you work the more your family resent the time you want to fish. Sometimes they just know what you are about to ask. Just through association they have become aware when the conditions feel right and the little things we do when we start to mentally prepare for a trip. Like repeatedly looking through the window and checking the wind direction, making sure there are still some mackerel left in the freezer. They will often say no even before you ask …

So you try to limit your trips to more anti-social times but the problem with that is you are getting old and the next day you are knackered often taking you all week to recover. And of course that doesn’t sit well with family time. So what do I do instead? I spend time on fishing forums and even make up my own fishing blog!

The curse of the fishing classes