… the bass had moved on

August 23, 2007

Got away at last, grabbed sessions at short notice always feel great. Arrived at about an hour before high tide and set up my carp gear with a large side of mackerel. Things were looking good as I cast out and I felt expectant.

One hour later despite several recasts with fresh mackerel I had not received a touch. The wind had now started to pick up and was getting a little cold, what a summer we are having.

In the corner of my eye I notice a small shoal of mackerel working along the shore line, I debated with myself whether to put any feathers on but decide to keep to my original plan. Just as I am about to reel in for another re-bait the shoal re-appears further out. I don’t think I will ever tire of watching them darting in and out of the waves, just then a small knock on the rod brings me back to reality.

The knock turns into a strong pull which feels unmissable…but I did. My attempt to recast was delayed as I had to retie a new lead weight as my weak link had snapped. Eventually cast out and on tightening up to the bait I miss another bite. This was getting frustrating.

Another cast and another bite, but this time the quick knocking indicated pollack. Sure enough 5 min’s later and I reel in a plumb pollack of around a pound.

Despite a quick recast that was it, the tide had turned, the bass had moved on and it was time to go home. A frustrating but thoroughly enjoyable session.

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